2020 Vision

Blog Post Image 2020 Vision2

Walking down our street nearly everyone has their Christmas lights up, and its only just December. We are all craving a bit of light and joy, and maybe a bit of it is trying to rush us through the end of this year. Not everyone has had a difficult year but many of us have.…

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Changing space and time

Blog Post Image Space And Time

Last week I was on two different client sites – yes actually outside of my home, away from my screen, bottom half dressed and shoes on, finally. The physical and behavioural changes imposed by Covid are stark. Both places were healthcare sites, both admin buildings. Mostly empty, loads of signs reminding you to keep your…

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Who do we echo?

Blog Post Image Who Do We Echo

You may have seen this really powerful video doing the rounds at the moment, if not I recommend you have a look, it’s only 3 minutes long. Darius Simpson and Scout Bostley, “Lost Voices”. https://youtu.be/lpPASWlnZIA The messages really resonated with me, but importantly it brought into relief some thinking I have been doing on the reality…

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Its not personal, its business

Blog Post Image Not Personal

I am about to go to conference. This is good for me. I used to be a bit sniffy about conferences and certainly sceptical about them as a way of learning. I am much more open about them now. The formats tend to be more creative, more diverse and often designed with the understanding that…

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Looking for the light

Blog Post Image Looking For The Light

Flicking through the news Friday and the usual dumpster fire of British politics, realising the bottom we are racing for is some Mariana Trench deep nightmare. Then I see this clip from the BBC about French scientists’ development of an exoskeleton that is giving movement to a paralysed man. It is still early in development and we are…

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The Problem with Us Women

Blog Post Image Gender Wage Gap

Earlier this year Jennifer Lawrence got some stick about her voicing her unhappiness that male actors in Hollywood still consistently take home higher pay than women. Last year she cleared around £42m so it’s hard to understand the point at one level, but on another she is in the same space as us. This year…

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Blog Post Image Tolerance

For those of you following the case there has now been a judgement made on the Asher appeal in Northern Ireland. This case has become a beacon for gay rights in the country and speaks to the tolerance of a nation. It has inevitably generated heated debate on both sides and was the subject of…

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