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Over the past 20 years the presence of coaching as a development intervention has increased rapidly. The practice and provision have improved, and many cite coaching as the most cost effective, tailored development they have had. I am lucky to have worked with some exceptional coaches, I am enthusiastic about their expertise and can happily recommend coaches to you should that be what you are looking for. The market is also busy with people with training but little evidence of impact, skill or value for money so as with all development, commission wisely.

What I offer is support through ‘conversations with purpose’. I usually recommend four sessions over just a few months to maintain some momentum and gain some traction. They can be for you, a member of your team, people in your team who are behaving in a way that causes them or other issues and challenges, or people with real potential who you want to support through the next step in their career. The sessions are all shaped around helping you find workable solutions to specific challenges.

If you would like to discuss the approach, how appropriate it might be for your situation, and how it might help you resolve some challenges for you or those around you, please contact me as below.

The sessions and input can be challenging, and where appropriate may feel more directive than you would find in coaching sessions. But for some people it proves to be much more tailored and impactful.

A couple of indicative packages are shared below, do get in touch if you would like to discuss:

Option 1: Personal Development

  • Four semi-structured personal development sessions lasting between 1 and 2 hours. Can be delivered in person or virtually.
  • The sessions will build on the issues identified by you and those around you during the commissioning conversations and will focus on what you can do differently to get the outcomes you need.
  • The cycle of conversations is shaped around you but will likely cover a 2-4-month period.

Purpose: Focused support with some challenge to help you think and act differently, to process difficult issues and experiences and gain new perspectives on challenging work issues. Helping navigate particular people or situations in the workplace.

  • Total cost : £1,600 - 2,000

Option 2: PD with Narrative 360  

  • This option includes a semi-structured tailored interview with 6-10 people who work closely with you. Their feedback is synthesized and built into the structure of your personal development conversations.
  • Feedback is included in the subsequent personal development sessions lasting between 1 and 2 hours. Can be delivered in person or virtually.
  • The cycle of conversations is shaped around you but will likely cover a 3-6 month period.

Purpose: To gain a fresh and authentic perspective about the impact you have on people and what it is like working with you, with detailed conversations about your strengths and development needs.

  • Total cost : £3,500
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Karen has done a fantastic job facilitating the programme for our Senior leadership Team. Her approach is deliberative and engaging which had a profound impact on behaviours and commitment to work collaboratively.

Deborah Cadman

Deborah Cadman, OBE

Chief Executive of the WMCA

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